Reality Check

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Asman Begins the Unmasking of a Moral Delinquent

There is a saying that "logic is the way of honesty," and that those who defy logic, don't care about honesty and are functionally incapable of even BEING honest. Mr. Ritter's pretzel logic is indeed the sign of someone evading facts, not "facing" them. David Asman on Fox News did a great job of unmasking Mr. Ritter's double-talk in his interview the other day.

Appealing to his own credibility and history, furthermore, doesn't help Mr. Ritter's case. It is immaterial whether Ritter fought for the U.S. before. Virtually every high-level spy and traiter to the U.S. in the past had a background that made their later actions seem impossible. At this point, his say-so has little-to-no value, despite his past military service and time spent in Iraq.

Starting with that deficit, he tries to build on his case with the solid building-blocks of his own ignorance of what Saddam has been doing. He's got four years of ignorance and lack of access to whatever classified intelligence is availble, and yet he draws conclusions.

Saddam, who has the motive and history to commit further crimes against humanity, is assumed by Ritter to have accomplished NOTHING of significance in those four years. Does Ritter know how long it took in Saddam to build up his weapons the first time around - recalling that he did so in part during a war against Iran that devastated his army? It is dishonest, pure and simple, to believe that Saddam is incapable of building up WMD's under duress and difficulty. He's done it before.

The FACT is, Mr. Ritter does not have access to the classified intelligence of the last four years, and can not equate his knowledge with the President's.

Finally, Mr. Ritter seems to have a problem with the very idea of spying on a mass-murderer on behalf of the U.S. Without assuming that Ritter is correct about Butler - and Ritter's evidence amounts to referring to his own earlier accusations (the memoranda!) - it is morally repugnant for him to uphold adherence to bureacratic procedures of the U.N. over spying on behalf of the freest nation on earth, for the purpose of preventing more mass-murder. He treats defending his own country as some kind of crime or corruption. Disgusting.

But we shouldn't be too surprised. Timothy McVeigh fought in the Gulf War as well, and it appears that he too later developed a bizaare sympathy for the regime he formerly fought against.

While Ritter hasn't blown up anything, one can only imagine what Great Britain in WWII would have thought if one of their colonels had made a friendly appearance before Hitler's Reichstag after the Blitz. Ritter is on the same moral level - worse than an appeaser, he is giving aid and comfort to the enemy.